SRC-4™ – Skin Regeneration Complex – Advanced Stem Cell and Collagen Bio-peptide Complex

In keeping with our dedication to the principles of making use of the most advanced technology available for skin care, our proprietary skin regeneration complex has been upgraded to include the very best and latest technology for achieving more youthful skin appearance and collagen development. Based upon seven years of research and experience with stem cell components in skin care, we have modified and added actives to provide a better performing complex of advanced ingredients. We are calling this new and improved complex SRC-4™

SRC-4 has four key components plus additional “helpers.”

1. A very important component is a new patented, award winning, natural botanical stem cell extract (influenced by the latest discoveries in regenerative medicine for the treatment of burn injuries) that has been scientifically shown to be capable of stimulating keratinocyte proliferation to regenerate thinning epidermal tissue and improve the look of aged and wrinkled skin. This never seen before mechanism of action is based on stem cell therapy with a cell-to-cell communication between mesenchymal stem cells (MSC’s) and keratinocytes by means of secreted growth factors activity. The great news is that it is no longer necessary to use human stem cell donors and culture human stem cells to achieve these results. It can be done instead by the stimulation of one’s own stem cells, residing in the subcutaneous fat tissue of the skin, to achieve the enhanced growth factor production, and thus, enhanced epidermal cell production needed for more youthful skin appearance.

2. Another new key component of SRC-4 is a unique proprietary bio-peptide designed to have the same ordered amino acid sequence as collagen. This bio-peptide has no animal components, and is not hydrolyzed, so it is not broken up into less useful random amino sequences. Clinical studies at an independent lab (BioScreen Labs) with fifty participants showed a 100% positive user response to an improved skin appearance. This is the same bio-peptide that is found in Stemology Collagen Complete Serum, and is now an important part of SRC-4.

3. SRC-4 also has a unique stem cell extract from the Comfrey plant which has been shown in clinical and scientific studies to stimulate and improve the production of epidermal stem cells, which are responsible for the production of new skin cells. By creating skin cells at a more youthful rate, we can achieve a more youthful look to our skin tone, and aid in reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

4. In addition SRC-4 has a unique botanical extract that enhances growth factor communication between the epidermal and the dermal layers. This was shown, in a series of tests, to stimulate
and enhance the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the dermis. This effect on collagen producing cells (fibroblasts) was comparable that of the transforming growth factor (TGF-β), a natural growth factor involved in collagen and elastin synthesis. Clinical studies confirmed this result after only 2 weeks of treatment … skin firmness was greatly improved and the collagen and elastin contents in the skin were both increased.

All of these powerful components, supporting one another for mutual benefit, provide a performance that is beyond the “sum of the parts,” and delivers the most advanced stem cell technology available for skin care today.