Spring Clean Your House

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Safe and Natural Ways To Clean Your Home

With spring in the air, spring cleaning is on our mind. We’ve talked about spring cleaning our beauty tools and spring cleaning our skin, but what about our home? Americans are exposed to an untold number of chemicals in their home from cleaning products every day including formaldehyde, phthalates and PFCs. According to the Environmental Defense Fund, these chemicals can put your health at risk for asthma, Parkinson’s disease and fertility problems, among other concerns. We spend a lot of time ensuring what we put on our skin is safe and what we put in our body is healthy, so let’s take some time to discuss how to safely and easily spring clean our house.

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10 Tips for Better Health

Recommit to These Easy Tips to Be Healthier

We’re officially six months in to the year. How are you doing on those New Year Resolutions? Since many resolutions and goals center on becoming healthier, we thought this was an appropriate time to reconnect with your goals and recommit to health and wellness. If you’ve “fallen off the health wagon,” here are 10 ways to recommit to better health and wellness this year!

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