What Is Hyperpigmentation?

The Problem: Dark Spots and Uneven Skin Tone

Hyperpigmentation, according to the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, is a common, usually harmless condition in which patches of skin become darker in color than the normal surrounding skin. Known by many names such as brown spots, liver spots, age spots, sunspots, melasma, pregnancy mask and solar lentigines, hyperpigmentation can affect the skin color of people of any race, and usually appears on the face, hands and other areas commonly exposed to the sun.

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Graduate to A New Skincare Routine

Graduate to A New Skincare Routine

…And You Might Just Be Mistaken for A College Graduate

College students are graduating to the workforce. High school seniors are graduating to college freshman. Even Kindergarteners are graduating into official elementary school students. ‘Tis the season for moving onwards and upwards. So, why not do the same with your skincare routine?

As we age, our skin – and skin concerns – change. Are you still using the same cleanser you did in your twenties? Is your serum formulated to help with sun spots, but you are really experiencing more wrinkles these days? Here are some ways to put your current skincare routine to the test. With some slight tweaks, you can help it “graduate” to the next level. Continue reading

Spring Into Complete Skin Renewal

Spring Into Complete Skin Renewal | StemologySkincare.com

Revive and Renew Your Skin with Stemology’s Facial Serums

Springtime is all about renewal – the animal kingdom gives birth, dormant flowers bloom, and what was once covered in snow becomes live and vibrant again! Why should your skin be any different?

This spring, we are encouraging you to experience a complete skin renewal. Get rid of that dry, dull winter skin and put a fresh face forward. Here’s how…
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