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Your Fourth of July Beauty Pre-Game Plan

For us, Independence Day not only means celebrating our freedom as Americans, but also a time for independence from makeup. After all, traditional Fourth of July celebrations usually include swimming, sunning and sweating…none of which are conducive to makeup wearing. Invest in a solid pre-game plan for this Fourth of July weekend to keep you looking and feeling beautiful, naturally.

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Top Ingredients for Fighting Hyperpigmentation

Ingredients To Help Achieve a More Even Skin Tone

The essence of younger looking skin is radiance. It’s that rosy glow that children have naturally. And the older you get, the less radiant your skin becomes. You see, attaining a brighter complexion isn’t easy. The process requires two specific steps: exfoliation to remove discoloration and melanin inhibitors to limit hyperpigmentation. Two steps to radiance – one without the other is simply not good enough. That’s why one-step lighteners and brighteners just don’t work. Here’s what to look for to get the most out of your brightening products:

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