What Does ‘Natural’ Really Mean in Beauty Products?

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You see the word printed on skincare advertisements and beauty packages, but what does it really mean for a product to be “natural?” The confusion about the term natural in the beauty industry may stem from the lack of government regulation over use of the word.

In fact, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration impose strict guidelines about using marketing buzz terms like “botanical” and “natural” when it comes to skincare products, although the agency is responsible for ensuring the safety of cosmetics.

Some companies, in an attempt to have broader appeal to the growing number of consumers who are concerned about chemical-laden products, will opportunistically use the word “natural” on their labeling. Products advertised as natural – due to a lack of government regulation – can mean that all or maybe even just one or two ingredients are actually of natural origin. Many “natural” products can also contain synthetic ingredients that are potentially harmful.

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