Inspring Person: Danielle Messina

Danielle Messina

The Glamorganic Goddess: Not Your Typical Tree-Hugger

This month we’re thinking about the Earth (Earth Day), renewal (Spring), getting healthy (summer’s right around the corner!) and the one’s we love (teachers, mothers, girlfriends). So, who better to feature than the sassy, young Breast Cancer Survivor Danielle Messina, better known as The Glamorganic Goddess?!

Danielle was diagnosed with both aggressive and non-aggressive Stage II breast cancer in 2009, at the ripe young age of 31. With no history in her family, cause or cure, she underwent two surgeries and 33 radiation treatments with conventional cancer management. But after learning that her next treatment round of chemotherapy and Tamoxifen had potential side effects including other forms of cancer, she opted for a natural approach to healing, with an integrative path to prevention.

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