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The Next Generation Beauty Regimen

The Next Generation Beauty Regimen | Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual | Stemology Skincare Authentic Beauty Blog

Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Beauty – much like the rest of the self-care industries – is experiencing a dramatic shift. Gone are the days of people believing that a special cream will solve all your skincare needs. Now, we are entering into a new, more rounded and complete approach to our beauty routine, incorporating physical, […]

10 Tips to Stay Sane Over The Holidays

stay sane over the holidays

How to Keep Your Perspective and Your Happy We think it’s fairly well established at this point that it can be hard to stay sane over the holidays! Endless “to do” lists, family squabbles, cooking for large parties and so much more can drive a normally calm, cheerful person over the edge. But, with a little […]

10 Tips for Better Health

Recommit to These Easy Tips to Be Healthier We’re officially six months in to the year. How are you doing on those New Year Resolutions? Since many resolutions and goals center on becoming healthier, we thought this was an appropriate time to reconnect with your goals and recommit to health and wellness. If you’ve “fallen […]

How Daylight Savings Affects Your Health

Daylight Savings Time

Whether it is the “spring forward” or “fall back” time change, “Daylight Savings,” can wreak havoc on your sleeping patterns and ultimately on your health – and that means your skin too! From your dog waking you up an hour early to eat, to your body just not being ready to rest at your normal […]

Getting Toned with Karena and Katrina

Tone It Up

Tone It Up Founders Are Inspiring Us To Get Fit in 2015 Jane Fonda called them the new faces of fitness. Marie Claire named them a power duo. Self Magazine dubbed them top motivators. At the core, fitness gurus and business partners Katrina Hodgson and Karena Dawn are best friends. Together the founders of the […]