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Refreshing and Compassionate Summer Snack

Refreshing and Compassionate Summer Snack | Faux Ice Cream Cones | Stemology Skincare Authentic Beauty Blog

Faux Ice Cream Cones When we found this gorgeous summer snack, we couldn’t wait to try it! And it is as delicious as it is healthy for you. Perfect for any summer occasion, or any time you are having a sweet craving, these Faux Ice Cream Cones are going to be our new summer staple. […]

Ethical Gift Giving

Heart-Full, Guilt-Free Giving This Holiday Season This holiday season, give gifts that do double-duty by bringing joy to the receiver and making our world a better place. Whether that’s helping the environment, those less fortunate, or whatever your cause of preference may be, ethical gift giving choices can do so much more! Don’t know where to […]

Halloween Treats with A Conscience

Tricks for Giving Kids The Best Treats this Halloween Halloween has long held the tradition of the “treat” part of “trick or treat” manifesting itself as some sort of store bought candy, filled with unhealthy (and frankly sometimes unidentifiable) ingredients. Is that really a treat, or is it actually a trick?