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The Most Important Regimen Step

Most Important Regimen Step

Spend Your Money Where it Matters Most – On a Serum When it comes to proper care of you skin, there is more to it than just cleansing and moisturizing. Skincare is a multi-step process. It involves cleaners, toners, treatment serums, scrubs, masks and moisturizers – each serving a vital role in giving your skin […]

Banish Winter Dry Skin

banish dry winter skin

5 Tips to Keep Skin Hydrated Winter weather, plus home and office heating systems, create the perfect “storm” for dry, chapped skin. Dry air and extreme temperature conditions compound the problem leaving even those with normal skin in a dryer state. And if you normally have dry skin issues, then winter will definitely make the […]

Do You Need A Toner?

do you need a toner?

Skin Benefits of Including A Toner in your Skincare Regimen Cleanse. Treat. Moisturize – it’s the traditional skincare regimen that has helped women maintain beautiful, glowing skin for decades. But as skincare evolved, so did the traditional anti-aging regimen; and the addition of a toner became commonplace. But, do you really need a toner? And […]

The Truth About Your Natural and Organic Skincare

the truth about natural and organic skincare

Get the Facts Before Purchasing “Natural” and “Organic” Skincare Products The words alone are alluring: natural and organic. How could you go wrong with products labeled as “natural” or “organic,” right? But are the ingredients in your beauty products really what you think? Unfortunately many products are marketed unethically, misleading consumers to believe products labeled […]

Five Beauty Apps For A Successful New Year

Five Beauty Apps For A Successful New Year

Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions With These Helpful Apps Okay, so you’ve rang in the New Year and now you’re ready to get started on a new you!  The good news — heck, the great news — is new apps have been introduced to help you successfully achieve all of your beauty resolutions. From […]

Why a Skincare Regimen?

Five Reasons Skin Improves With Consistency It is safe to say that anyone who wants flawless, glowing skin should invest in a skin care regimen. A twice-a-day skin care regimen traditionally consist of a cleanser, treatment product and a moisturizer, but an eye serum can also be added to give greater focus on the delicate […]