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Spring Flowers and Essential Oils

Spring Flowers and Essential Oils

Discover the Benefits of Our Signature Essential Oil Blend We love spring because the aromas of healing plants are everywhere. In each of our products we have included a carefully chosen signature blend of essential oils called The DermaTech Natural Fragrance Blend. Essential oils are highly concentrated aromatic essences extracted from the leaves, floral components, […]

Banish Winter Dry Skin

banish dry winter skin

5 Tips to Keep Skin Hydrated Winter weather, plus home and office heating systems, create the perfect “storm” for dry, chapped skin. Dry air and extreme temperature conditions compound the problem leaving even those with normal skin in a dryer state. And if you normally have dry skin issues, then winter will definitely make the […]

FACE the facts: The best ingredients for glowing skin

The old saying “you are what you eat” has never been truer. One of the most important ingredients for clear and beautiful skin lies in the kitchen. Because of the vitamins and nutrients residing in various nuts, grains and vegetables, turns out that many foods contain much of what you need to maintain not only […]