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Why Use Toner?

why use toner

History In the past, estheticians would use a Toner as a part of their facial protocol to remove any remaining residue after cleansing the face and neck. Toner was usually an astringent that removed any excess oil or debris left on the skin after washing. It would normally have an alcohol base and be applied […]

Skin Bloom

Skin Bloom | Revive and Renew Winter Stressed Skin | Stemology Skincare Authentic Beauty Blog

Revive and Renew Winter Stressed Skin Spring is the time of rebirth, a time of renewal, when nature re-awakens and blooms into the newness of the changing season. Flowers bloom. Baby animals are born. Butterflies fill the sky with beauty. The whole natural world awakens and renews itself. Why should it be any different for […]

All Skin Toner Is Not Created Equal

All Toners Are Not Created Equal | Stemology Cell Reboot Active Gel Toner | Stemology Skincare Authentic Beauty Blog

Is Your Toner A To Do? Toning is probably the most underrated and least understood step in the skincare process. However, a skin toner is an essential part of a good skincare routine. From traditional alcohol-based toners (too irritating!), to spray toners (not ocular safe!) to freshners (too drying!), toners get a bad rap, and are […]

Skin Care In Your 40’s vs. Your 20’s

Skin Care In Your 40’s vs. Your 20’s | Should You Change Your Skincare With Age? | Stemology Skincare Authentic Beauty Blog

Should You Change Your Skincare With Age? “Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.” – Coco Chanel It goes without saying that as you age the way you approach life changes, sometimes drastically. And why would it be any different […]

10 Steps to Remove Damaging Halloween Makeup

Don’t Let Your Halloween Makeup Removal Become A Nightmare For Your Skin Dressing up for Halloween can be great fun, but returning to normal at the end of the night – including removing loads of Halloween hair and makeup products – can be a nightmare! To avoid looking like something out of The Night of […]

Get Toned This Summer

Summer Toned Skin Goes Way Beyond The Body When someone says they are “toning up for summer,” immediately we think they are hitting the gym to ensure a lean physique for swimsuit season. But “toning up” goes way beyond your muscles. At Stemology, when we say we are “toning up for summer,” we’re really talking […]

The Importance of Toner in Winter

Importance of Toner in the Winter

Learn How Toner Will Be Your Skin Savor This Winter Though the winter air seems refreshing after a long hot summer, it is actually more harmful than helpful to your skin. The dry air sucks the moisture from your skin, which is damaging to the complexion, and robs you of your youthful glow. Because of […]

Do You Need A Toner?

do you need a toner?

Skin Benefits of Including A Toner in your Skincare Regimen Cleanse. Treat. Moisturize – it’s the traditional skincare regimen that has helped women maintain beautiful, glowing skin for decades. But as skincare evolved, so did the traditional anti-aging regimen; and the addition of a toner became commonplace. But, do you really need a toner? And […]

Why a Skincare Regimen?

Five Reasons Skin Improves With Consistency It is safe to say that anyone who wants flawless, glowing skin should invest in a skin care regimen. A twice-a-day skin care regimen traditionally consist of a cleanser, treatment product and a moisturizer, but an eye serum can also be added to give greater focus on the delicate […]